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Bertha, Mexico

Chris has been by far one of the best English teachers I ever had. I improved my English since day one because he gave me constant feedback during my speaking. He customised by lessons according to my needs. I highly recommend Chris if you want to quickly improve your English, plus he is very friendly, easy going and such a nice person

Greta, Italy

Chris is my mentor. I recommend him to any person who needs to overcome their fears of speaking. He always put you at ease. For those who need to prepare for an important job interview. For those who don’t know how to communicate with managers during meetings and grow professionally. For those who do not know what they want to become because in addition to being a Teacher, he become your guide and your biggest supporter

Nuloha, Venezuela

Chris is a committed and motivating teacher! I truly recommend his classes! Thanks for helping me to improve my English and gain confidence

Savio, Brazil

Thank you so much Chris! Your explanation about past simple and present perfect was wonderful! You are a very good teacher! Your accent is wonderful too. I could understand everything that you explained to us

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Grammar: Present Perfect

One of the most difficult grammar structures for language learners is present perfect. For many this structure doesn’t exist in their native language and is often confused with the past simple grammar tense. So what is present perfect and when should you use it? Present perfect is used in the following ways: to describe somethingContinue reading “Grammar: Present Perfect”

Job interviews

I don’t know many people who enjoy job interviews. Job interviews can be very daunting, especially when English is not your first language. Prior to being a teacher, I was a Customer Service Manager for a large international fashion company so I have a lot of experience interviewing people for potential roles. I wanted toContinue reading “Job interviews”

Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are very common in everyday English. Learning them is like learning new vocabulary. There are literally thousands of phrasal verbs in the English language (according to Google there are over 10,000) so realistically you won’t remember all of them but I do recommend learning at least some of the most common ones. SoContinue reading “Phrasal verbs”

Body idioms

Students love studying idioms to use in everyday English. Online and textbooks offer many expressions that we use in English but how many of them do we actually use? In this post, I’m just going to focus on the ones I use the most frequently and these ones are all linked to body parts! PlayContinue reading “Body idioms”

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