How long will it take me to become fluent in English?

Its a question I get all the time. How long will it take me to become fluent in English. The answer I give is always the same – its not a race and everybody learns at different speeds.

For some students, learning English comes naturally and they can pick up the language easily. For others, it can take time, especially if you haven’t previously studied English while at school.

There are some things you can do to help improve your English more quickly. The most obvious is regularly attending English classes, either with a private English teacher or with a reputable school. Even if you have 1 or 2 English classes per week, this will help you retain what you have already learnt and enable you to keep practising and improving your English. You’ll be amazed how quickly you will forget your English language skills if you stop using it regularly!

Watching films or television series is great for listening comprehension practice. I always notice the students who improve the fastest are the ones who regularly watch things on Netflix or TV. Youtube is a great resource for English content. Try to find things that are interesting for you. For instance, if you like cooking, try and watch some cooking tutorial videos. If you enjoy football, watch some games with English commentary. All of these things will help to improve your English and keep things interesting for you.

For those of you interested in improving your Business English skills, keep up to date with the latest news. Websites such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Financial Times are great resources for the latest news and a great way to build up your business vocabulary.

We have a common expression in English – “You only get out what you put in.” If you work hard, attend classes regularly, use your English outside your classes and utilise other resources, your English will improve quickly and you will become fluent in no time.

Good luck!

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